DOMINIC MCKAY spoke to the official Scottish Rugby podcast as he gets prepared to leave the SRU and join up with Celtic sooner than expected.

The new Chief Exec will start his job on April 19 after finishing up with Scottish Rugby on April 16.

There has been an acknowledgement by the fans the sooner Dominic comes in, the better. When he was first announced, McKay wasn’t due in until the start of July.

Speaking on the podcast, McKay thinks this month is a natural conclusion to his SRU role and explains his thinking:

“Naturally with the end of the six nations for the men’s team and the conclusion of the six nations, that’s a good moment to move on”

“Also we got some big sponsor announcements, we announced today and we’ve also got the end of the Pro 14 season, so there’s a natural point for me to move on.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to move on, it gives me a chance to reflect on the last 13 years of great fun with great people”

The incoming CEO spoke very well on the podcast and seems to be a person who wants to engage with the audience he’s serving.

For us, as a Celtic fan-led media outlet, we can only hope that translates into more transparency and more opportunity for the site to give you the best and most accurate news first hand.

From doing a deep dive on the outgoing SRU executive, he seems very personable and willing to engage. Obviously, he’s not handled the pressure of a baying Celtic fan base after a difficult transfer window but he can give himself the best start by being as open as possible.


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