One way or another, Dominic McKay is going to realise he’s in a different world on Monday when he officially starts his role at Celtic.

The news chief executive will start less than 24 hours after the Scottish Cup Glasgow Derby where he’ll be coming in under a wave of positivity or a debilitating amount of negativity.

If Celtic win, it gives the new man time to get his feet under the desk without anyone hitting the panic button. If we lose, it’s all hands on deck.

Supporters will be looking for much more swift action if they’re knocked out of the Scottish Cup on Sunday.

As timing goes, it’s either going to be great or McKay will be wondering what he’s let himself in for.

Celtic have done well in their last two derby games but came away with a loss and a draw. Now would be the time to get that elusive win this term.

Dominic will likely be watching the game from his home, knowing full well what awaits him in both scenarios.


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