NEIL DONCASTER has come out swinging after the SPFL were accused of bungling the post-split fixtures over the last week.

There was calls for the split to be scrapped because of the amount of time it was taking to get fixtures sorted was becoming a farce.

Scottish football fans were in a situation where they did not know where to go to watch their side play 10 days before the games were scheduled to take place.

However, Doncaster believes the split creates excitement and blasts back at the notion it should be scrapped.

“The split creates tight finishes top and bottom and sometimes that means helicopter finishes on the last day of the season.

“Ultimately, the hallmarks of our game are passion, drama and excitement and the split creates that. It is what it is and it here for the time being and we need to make the best of it.

“It is not that straightforward. You work with the broadcasters, with the clubs, with the police to try to get everything into position.

“Even as late as Wednesday afternoon, things were changing to meet everyone’s different demands.”


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