It’s going to be a long summer when it comes to some of Celtic’s best star’s being linked with moves away. Not only do we need to deal with the usual circus that comes with the summer transfer window but you can be sure that EVERY Celtic player of note will be linked with Brendan Rodgers.

With two months of this season still to go, we already have our first wave of rumours and intentions from down south with a Leicester site claiming a Man City move for one of their players will see Brendan Rodgers get in touch with his old club Celtic to take arguably their best player in Kieran Tierney.

The news down south appears to be that Leicester will wave goodbye to their current left-back Ben Chilwell in the summer with a deal all but done. If these reports are true, it’s hard to envision a scenario when Brendan Rodgers wouldn’t at least ask the question of Celtic.

Although the Celtic board and Kieran Tierney’s answer might not be what the English club will want to hear.


As a football fan, I will never say something is 100% not happening and many Celtic fans will feel the same after Rodgers sudden departure last month BUT the thought of KT heading for the Celtic exit before the attempt to get ten in a row is made then we just can’t see it/


  1. I can’t see it happening, the players all know what a snake he is so if they do decide to join him then they will automatically be classed in the same bracket as Rodgers the Reptile HH

  2. Rodgers has to be told to FECK OFF . He does’nt care about Celtic,walking out for more money in his pocket. So feck off Rodgers stay where you are and don’t be annoying us CELTIC FANS. HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC.


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