CELTIC’s official Twitter page posted a picture of some old Celtic players that have also played in the Russian league in the run up to the club’s Europa return leg.

The tweet that featured Aiden McGeady, Jiri Jarosik, Mubarak Wakaso and Marc Crosas and asked fans to name the rest of the former Celts who had played in the Russian league.

However, Marc Crosas took exception to that post – in a light hearted manner and replied to the Celtic account with a message of his own.

Marc Crosas has been an avid follower of Celtic since leaving the club so he’s spot on. The midfielder is a full blown Celtic fan and would like to be known as a Celtforlife like the rest of us!


  1. Good bhoy Marc
    Pity there wasn’t more like him.
    Has been Charlie nickerless loves to be called ex-celt he thinks it gives him the right to sput his p1sh about our club.
    Marc your a legend
    Unlike that English wantabe
    Hail Hail


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