Some Scottish “journos” need to learn that Dermot Desmond is not a man to be messed with. A few months back several newspapers and in particular the BBC ran an article about Dermot Desmond’s business despite a warning from the heavyweight.

A so-called interview, when the Celtic Chairman was on his way to a game at Celtic Park went to print the following morning. Newspapers claimed the “Paradise Papers” had leaked the Irish man was using his jet company in a tax haven country and playing loop-holes in the system.

In Ireland today it emerged that the Celtic owner and members of his family are suing the Insolvency Service of Ireland. This is over the alleged leaking of confidential information to Irish newspapers. The information was in relation to a property in Dublin.

The Desmond family claim that information was leaked to Irish journalists when an article appeared in the Sunday Business Post.

It would be surprising if Mr. Desmond will allow newspapers in Scotland to hack into his affairs and print what they want despite his warnings. He has sued Irish Journalists before. Back in November 2017 upon hearing the BBC’s intentions to print business information from one of the billionaire’s companies in the Isle Of Man, he was quick to pre-warn the BBC.

“If you choose to publicly state that my investments are not tax and regulatory compliant or make any other untrue allegation about me whether by innuendo or otherwise, I will take action against the BBC and against you personally in both Scotland and Ireland for defamation and breach of privacy.”