FORMER Aussie captain Paul Wade believes Tom Rogic is doing the right thing by not signing a new Celtic deal yet.

Wade, who has over 80 caps for the Socceroos thinks Tom is about to become a bonified superstar at this summers World Cup and it would be best for the Midfielder to up his value before signing any new deal.

“He’s an absolute gun and is going to be our most influential player in Russia, without a doubt,” Wade said.

“If he’s got the baton and he’s running the show, I tell you what, look out opposition because they won’t know where the next attack is coming from.

“Tom changes his mind so quickly and fluently that he can make anybody believe anything and with one touch he can completely change the picture.

“I don’t have a problem with any player thinking to themselves ‘you know what I’m going to put in and deliver here so that I can get a new deal or go to a new club’.

Tom could indeed strengthen his hand in the summer, and even if he doesn’t Celtic will still be there offering him the same deal.

Unless the Celtic board go above and beyond before the World Cup then Wade could be onto something.

Celtic fans are desperate to see Tom commit his future to Celtic but many will understand the position if he waits.


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