GRAEME MURTY has told his players not to come out and say anything brash in the media ahead of this weekend’s Glasgow Derby against Celtic.

The Rangers boss is wary of any backlash that could come their way if the players do start shouting their mouths off. However, simply put, at this point, they have nothing to shout their mouths off about.

In the past few season’s we have seen many players, some who have since left try and claim they can take Celtic’s scalp and that The Rangers are better on their day etc – only to be sent packing in humiliating fashion.

For all his shortcomings, Murty is not a silly man, nor is he one for bravado which probably makes him an odd choice for Ibrox manager.

“The last thing I want to do is give Celtic any motivation by telling them they’re dropping off a level and really winding them up.

“What I’d like to say is that we know that when we preform properly we can give anyone a game, so regardless of the level Celtic perform at or what they try to achieve, we have to make sure we concentrate on delivering our best performance of the season.”

It has been pretty calm in the build-up to this one, with even Scott Brown coming out and complimenting on the Ibrox sides notable improvement since last season.

All will be forgotten come kick off Saturday.



  1. One thing is a certainty,If we play to our strengths Sevco are in for an Absolute Torrid Time.But they have a Saviour in there Hun Ranks in Boaby Madhun.This Orc has been a season ticket holder at The Dome of Crumble..Were the f..k do they get (OLD FIRM) From,The Old Firm does not exist,Anymore.The only peepul who mention this Slogan is that New Club and the Hunbelievable Media just trying to push the Myth The Blatant Lie that is,Somehow Sevco are RainJurz in liquidation.Let them persist with there fairytales and other BS stories But it doesnt Work that way in the Real World.We are playing Charles Greenes bstard Sevco 5088 Tomorrow,Not RainJurz.They No Longer Exist..HH Mon The HooPs


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