DUNDEE has today apologised to the Celtic fans after a tri colour was ripped down from the stands by an angry stewards during the clubs 1-0 win at Dens Park.

There was an uproar, and rightly so when the flag can be clearly seen being swiped down by an irate steward who gave no reason Or indication to the supporters about why it had happened.

When the owner of the flag disputes this with the stewards, they were treated with nothing but contempt and were ejected from the stadium in another shocking action by the authorities.

Dundee wrote:

The club would advise that the enquiries into the “flag” incident which took place at Sunday’s match vs. Celtic are now concluded.

These enquiries have revealed a clear breakdown in communication and decision making and moving forward, this needs to be and will be addressed by the club in conjunction with all members of the event management team. Clearly, the method employed to remove the item from the advertising board was not acceptable and out with the agreed procedures for dealing with matters of this nature.

The clubs and the two supporters involved have met and discussed the issue at great length and Dundee Football Club would wish to convey our sincere thanks for the cooperation of all concerned.

In the spirit of the discussions which took place at this meeting, Dundee Football Club would wish to place on record our sincere apologies to the two supporters involved in this incident. We will always endeavour in future to strive to achieve a safe and secure environment for everyone here at the Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park. 


It’s clear for anyone to see the fans were treated with contempt and Dundee has admitted there was a breakdown in communication. Which means this steward went into business for himself as he went about taking the Ireland flag down.

It’s very difficult to see why this action was taken and we wonder the motivation behind it.


  1. Simplesss, the stewards are hun b@stards. The hi-vis jackect brigade are up their own @rses when it comes to theiving. They think they are something special when it comes to acting the @rsehole with Celtic fans. Good on DFC in setting the record straight. Next time get rid of the overweight stewards who couldnae run for a bus.


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