One of the biggest concerns facing Celtic nowadays is the Champions League becoming more closed off to smaller leagues and being dwarfed by the ‘big five’.

There have been moves to try and shut smaller leagues altogether while making Celtic and the likes of Ajax jump through Hoops (no pun intended) to get to the premier competition.

Ajax chief executive Van der Sar has watched his side last past Real Madrid to reach the quarter-final and the Dutch legend has confirmed he has been in talks with Celtic’s chief Peter Lawwell to try and ensure some sort of passageway for clubs in perceived. ‘smaller leagues’.

Ajax’ win in the Champions League against Madrid should be what the cup is all about, not millionaires fighting it out for the trophy but the underdogs taking the game. Celtic vs Barcelona back in 2012 also a perfect example.

Speaking about the talks, Edwin was clear on what they wanted to do.

“I have been talking to Peter Lawwell for some time. He told SunSport “The ECA is talking to Uefa, trying to make sure there’s more participation and possibilities for clubs from medium and smaller countries, so we can develop and play football at this level.

“Many of us are looking at a different way of how teams are set up and how the competition is set up.

“Maybe we should look at the club’s co-efficient and see what they have done in Europe, rather than the national co-efficient. And not just recent years.“That is the difficulty for clubs in those countries.

“Celtic and Ajax are great names in history. They have great followings, all over the world, not just in Holland and Scotland.

“They are historic clubs and they have both won the European Cup. That is why it is difficult for us not to be involved.

“We see the Champions League running away from us a little bit.”


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