Celtic have Eddie Howe in the rearview mirror. The Englishman messed Celtic about for so long, it’s given the club a bigger mountain to climb than they already had this pre-season.

Celtic told us the deal broke down because Eddie couldn’t get the backroom staff he wanted  at the club. It always felt like a bit of a silly excuse – if it was true it paints the picture of an insecure manager, but I believe it to be false.

The news today of longtime Bournemouth and Eddie Howe right hand man Stephen Purches has left his role as assistant manager certainly backs up my theory.


Purches and Eddie Howe had a great relationship and it was said Eddie wanted the coach in Glasgow with him. Apparently he couldn’t get the men he wanted released from their deals and the deal broke down.

I bet we find out what’s really gone on when the manager brings out a book or if Peter Lawwell ever fancies an after dinner speech.

Celtic swiftly moved on after the Eddie Howe knock back and brought Ange Postecoglou into the club. Ange has come from Japan, not giving it a second thought to come and manage our great club.

Time will tell if he will be a success but Ange 100% wants to be here.


  1. How could we depend on the truth from E Howe by book or other means . If you think you will have to wait until his book comes out . His book will give his interpretation of what happened, not necessary the truth

  2. It’s quite possible Purches has been lined up for his next gig elsewhere. Howe will go somewhere and he’ll want his man with him. He clearly didn’t have the courage to come to Glasgow when the chips were down and was looking for any excuse to get out of the ‘nod and wink’ agreement he had with Celtic. That is more a reflection of Celtic’s poor guidance under Lawwell that they would leave themselves so exposed. Thank goodness he’s history and here’s hoping Dom McKay will be a more forward thinking man.

  3. I think there was more influence from nearer home in the shape of his missus .After looking at the behaviour of the supporters of another club,she has been the final arbiter and told Howe ,You can go up there but me and your kids are not going anywhere near that madhouse.

  4. I didn’t fancy howe in the first place, I think he’s vastly overrated and the more he thought about the CELTIC job and the size of the club, he bottled it and looked for any pathetic excuse he could find.

  5. Howe is a gutless, spineless mental midget who will manage… Bournemouth for the next 20 years. Would be blubbering and greetin anywhere else. The pressure would have finished him at Celtic. Dodged a bullet.


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