Eddie Howe has reportedly been spotted ‘house-hunting’ in Glasgow, according to the frontman of the band the Fratelli’s, Jon Fratelli.

As quoted by Sun Sport, speaking on TalkSport the singer claims to have spotted the former Bournemouth boss looking for houses with reports suggesting he could be close to becoming the next permanent manager of the club.

“He’s been spotted house-hunting in the street next to mine, I can exclusively reveal.

“He could be buying a home for his dear mother or something, I don’t know!

“On the next street down, Steven Gerrard and Neil Lennon have been living across from each other.

“It’s one of those neighbourhoods. I would see Neil Lennon around a lot. Steven Gerrard, I would see once or twice, but that’s literally the next street down.

“Maybe Eddie Howe is going to buy Neil Lennon’s house because he might not stay there. That happened with Jurgen Klopp and Brendan Rodgers, didn’t it?”

Celtic fans have been patiently waiting for an announcement of Howe as the new boss after the news broke late last week that he was close to accepting the role and signing a contract with the club.

Usually, there are a couple of these stories floating around, on WhatsApp in particular. But with the singer living in this area, it is a story that becomes a bit more believable. At the same time though, it may be an easy mistake to make.

Hopefully, the club and Howe can finalise the final few details of the deal so that we can move forward with the rebuild, knowing who the man will be that will take charge of the side next season.


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