Odsonne Edouard has delivered his biggest hint yet he’s ready to get down to business and stay at the club for ten in a row.

The striker was celebrating winning Celtic player of the year at home when he told CelticTV he was desperate to get back and win the next title.

He said: “Every season we want to win the title. This year is nine in a row, and next year I hope it is ten in a row.

“This will be historic for the club.

“It’s very important for the club, for the fans, for the team, for all of the staff.

“We now need to go back to work for next season, and I hope that we can win this title for ten in a row.”

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the striker’s future. Eddy has been in sensational form for Celtic in the last 18-months.

The player’s exploits for France under 21s has also raised his profile.

For Celtic fans it’s simple, Edouard is a key player in Celtic’s quest for ten in a row. If we can hold onto him for the ten in a row season the supporters would be ecstatic.

Hopefully the club can sign Eddy to a new deal, it would make the front man one of the highest paid players at the club no doubt but at this point, it’s deserved.


  1. Let us get this done who would not want to be part of history legends they are but lets stamp it loud and clear and send the message we are ready and full focus is on going for 10.
    Bring in the new faces our manager needs and let Celtic break the record…

    Do it Celtic let us party like never before…

  2. All of the Celtic fans are hoping that Eddy will be in the team for the 10 in a row. Making history for 10 in a row would be great for all of us. A grand old team to play for… HAIL HAIL.


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