No doubt I will be criticised for writing this but I’m refusing to play to the gallery here.

Efe Ambrose – Where do you start? Shattered confidence? Playing under the microscope, poor decision making and under increasing pressure with each passing game. The list goes on.

There is no player bigger than the club as they say and when you consider the man we are talking about has cost us at crucial times you can multiply that statement by whatever factor you want.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for us to wax lyrical about how bad he is and to cast all form of insult upon him but that’s never been the prescribed format of Celtic fans. We don’t adapt that ethos for reasons of political correctness, we simply don’t kick a man when he’s down.

Efe’s time has long since gone at Celtic and if it were not for the chronic defensive situation we find ourselves in he may well have been offloaded already. He is by nature a right back and is too mistake prone in a central position.

Without going into further detail it was very disappointing to hear him being booed today. That sort of behaviour should be reserved for those who cast dispersion on Celtic. For our enemies if you like.

Booing Efe Ambrose today does not enhance our cause one iota. Our manager has an astute footballing brain and a perfectly good set of eyes to assess players himself. He will make the best of the hand he has been dealt and ring the changes accordingly. Booing Efe does not alert Brendan Rodgers to our misgivings and shortcomings. It doesn’t enlighten him in the slightest to anything he is not already aware of.

Efe doesn’t ask to play. I’m not even sure he wants to play anymore but when he’s asked to come in and do a job he does so to the best of his ability albeit he is not hitting the required standard.

When he does eventually leave (which should be soon) we hope he does so with at least a few good memories and the best wishes of the Celtic family.



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  1. Well said totally out of order booing one of our own players we all know ambrose shouldn’t be in the team it’s not his fault the manager picks him
    Hail Hail

  2. Normally it would be shocking but this is Efe Ambrose we’re talking about.
    The guy is the worst defender in our history and a total liability.
    I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you both.
    He should never ever ever wear the Celtic jersey again.
    The sooner he goes the better and good riddance.

  3. Pathetic !!!! he’s one of our own,
    shame on you , you said it exactly he’s a right back been played out of position for the past 18 months.

  4. I must have fell asleep during the match… boos & jeers? Sorry folks I think you’ve been Sevco’d…

    Discuss the players attributes positive or negative but for the fans to be dragged into a debate on behaviour…? I don’t think so.

    • I was at the game yesterday behind the goal where he made his gaff, and the boo’s could be clearly heard, and not just once. If he’d just clear his lines instead of trying to play out of defence then I’d think these gaffs would be a lot fewer, but there you go.

    • You are living in a fantasy land GerryMac. Our fans are not above criticism and some are perfectly able to drag themselves into situations, as was the case here. Comment sensibly please.

  5. The man has had more chances than most.. Kenny Dalglish got less time with John Barnes .. I don’t boo my own team it shows weakness..Time to have him replaced..

  6. Effe is clearly not a central defender and has made far too many costly errors. Having said that, he is one of ours and booing him just plays into the hands of our critics of whom we have enough in this country. HH

  7. Efe is nowhere close to being the worst defender ever at Celtic. Olivier Tebilly was the original accident-waiting-to-happen. A list of defenders such as Du Wei, Raphael Scheidt, Frank Munro, Willie Garner, Scott Marshall and the original Bambi-on-Ice: Davie Moyes can all play claim to being really rubbish and much, much worse than Efe.

    Efe is a decent squad player when he’s not stripped of confidence. Booing him does nothing to help and just makes it worse for everyone.

  8. Booing one of our own is shocking. Efe was not the only one at fault for the goal. The Gk should have told him to leave it . he does make loads of errors but he doesn’t pick the team . and booing him just destroys any confidence the guy has, . never boo anyone in our beloved hoops

  9. Efe is car crash material! It has been pointed out in previous comments, however, that he does not select himself.
    Supporters talk amongst themselves and use social media to offer points of view on different players and other issues affecting the club.
    I will chastise a player whether at the match or watching on TV, should he make costly errors.
    The line must be drawn, however, at BOOING your own player. This is just not on! “There is no such thing as a bad Celtic player/team,” I once heard an oldtimer say. The sentiment behind that statement is very clear: get behind the team no matter what!
    Please, stop the booing!

  10. EFE is awful but shld not be booed at any time, criticise definitely but never boo and there were very loud Boos so anyone saying otherwise us in denial. Also fans seem to be conveniently forgetting that last 3 mistakes EFE has made resulting in goals our so called goalkeeper ( vastly overrated), has been equally culpable. It was his ball a mile away yesterday and he didn’t shout leaving EFE in shit street, same as midweek and in Gibraltar. Anyone who thinks EFE is our first ever defender should remember shiedt, tebily, vata, Frank Munro, Willie garner, Paul Mcgugan, Jim slavin, Derek McWilliams Roy Kay, Joe fillipi and Paul mcglaughlin. I rest my case HH.

  11. I am shocked that you dare call efe one of our own, that clown should never have been given a Celtic Jersey, for far to long we have put up with the shambolic displays he has shown, remember the greatest statement ever a Celtic Jersey will never shrink to fit an inferior player, shame on the powers that be to.put Celtic fans in such a position where we must say enough is an enough !

  12. If you are booing a celtic player on the pitch who plays for you and plays as best as he can then you are not a real celtic fan

  13. It is a rare thing for me to be ashamed of Celtic fans as I was yesterday when a large percentage of our support booed Efe. We do not turn on our own players! I can only hope that it was done out of sheer frustration and will never happen again.

  14. Everyone makes mistakes, including you and I. But I think if we’d dropped as many glaring clangers in our job as Efe repeatedly has, we’d have been fired by now. The only reason he hasn’t been dumped is due to our injury list. If he can’t handle being booed after repeatedly costing us so many goals, then he also shouldn’t accept the high salary and fan adulation that goes with being a Celtic player. If the jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players, why is he still wearing one when he’s proved time after time over past seasons that he’s not worthy to wear it?

    He’s a highly-paid professional football player, but the fact that he’s “trying his best” isn’t an acceptable excuse. If you or I played for Celtic, we’d try our best — but would that be a good enough excuse to keep us in the team if we repeatedly gave away goals and made schoolboy errors?

    Fans cheer when we score or when a player does something exceptional and of course the players bask in the adulation they receive, so they have to be prepared to accept at least some fans expressing their displeasure when they screw up as often as Efe has. The occasional costly error can be, and is, forgiven, but Efe in particular is guilty of a long list of screw-ups extending beyond an occasional gaffe. It’s now become not a case of “Will he screw up during THIS game?” but rather a case of “WHEN will he screw up during this game?” It’s long past time for him to move on

    ….And to set yourself up as an authority to make a sweeping generalization about who is and who is not a “real Celtic fan” is simply you expressing your opinion — which is exactly what the fans who boo Efe are doing.

  15. Some people should go back and look at the second leg of the Karagandy game a few seasons back where Efe was brought in for the second leg to toughen the defence and did a great job. Yes he has lost confidence and the Daily Record are fine protestants of this in every game. Craig Gordon is also culpable in both recent Efe goals but is the ‘press darling’. Brendan must see weakness in Craig Gordon too or why else would Chris Commons be coming out praising Gordon. I like Chris Commons but he should talk with his feet.

    Efe Ambrose tries 100% for our club and is a fine representative of the club. I was shocked to see so-called Celtic sites slag him off when other clubs were showing interest. Let’s support Effe to grow in confidence and if he moves I wish him every success.

  16. So what we cheer him on with every mistake he makes . Wise up . He may not pick himself but he is woeful and the manager needs to know how we feel

  17. Leave the man alone ,who among you have never made mistakes every time he touches the ball he knows he is being scrutinised, some pressure to be under.

  18. Been watching Celtic since 1961…So believe me Efe does not even come close to being our “worst defender ever”. He is NOT a Centre back by nature, that should be remembered when people cast aspersions on another person’s abilities. Whatever happens I wish him well.

  19. It’s not just Efe being boo’d that’s the problem. The whole team were getting it last season and it is absolutely disgrace and embarrassment to be classed amount team Celtic support these days.

    Look at the home game to the imps. The first half the support was fully behind the team. The team played with a lift I hadn’t saw in a year at least. The second half wasn’t as good and some of the support were grumbling and getting uneasy altho we were winning comfortably.

    The fans need to give themselves a shake and support the team. That’s our passion, our love and our commitment. Yous are all happy to hang the team for the mistakes of the board and if you are apart of it you should hang your heads in shame.

  20. Patrick, so if someone doesn’t behave the same as u or hold the same views they’re not a real celtic fan. What kind of pish is that to come out with. A wasn’t at the game and if a was a wouldn’t boo him, saying that a do know why some folk would, don’t agree but do understand. For u to think uve got the right to tell people how to act/think is wrong.

  21. I was behind the goal yesterday and up until the og he was playing fine.. Gordon should’ve called for it but as per Efe is the sitting duck for the moan brigade.. the booing was clearly heard and I turned and told them shut the f up! I’m sick of this attitude that people somehow think they’re justified to dish out abuse and boo him. Its bullying simple as.. Our defense situation may or may not be sorted by September 10th but if it isn’t and he’s on the team sheet then I sincerely hope that the self righteous section of our support don’t in turn make us a laughing stock in front of that other lot who only love to revel at our in house bitching… best fans in the world don’t throw abuse or boo players as far as I’m aware… by all means have your opinion but keep the verbal abuse for your own personal space and not in a stadium where alot of the time over the last few months there’s 10 others on that pitch not always doing a knock out job either… ☘

  22. Im Celtic man all life, but to hear some of you’s come out with the crap to defend efe is a shame! How dare you ! How very dare you ! You have the brass neck ! That man should not be in a Celtic Jersey and in my opinion anyone who disagrees with me should get a season ticket at the house of shame !!!!!!!!!

  23. SO, here we go again we are not entitled to voice our opinion by booing, don’t you Efe appeasers realise we are sick and tired of this inadequate disaster costing us games and millions of pounds by costing us qualification in Europe, as soon as his name goes on the team sheet that’s us down to 10 and the opposition up to 12 men, just my opinion!!

  24. If like in the old days there was no internet this story would die the next day.
    Don’t think for a minute that Efe is the only player to be booed by Celtic supporters.
    The reason he was booed is the support are sick of lamenting that he is like his nickname says BOMBSCARE,and no one at Parkhead will listen to us.You are not going to tell me there are no defenders at Parkhead that are a better player than Efe.I think after suffering Efe for almost four years its time to pull the curtain down on his time at Parkhead.HH

  25. Should never boo a Celtic player on the pitch
    Trying his hardestkhe doesn’t make a mistake
    Deliberately.Hope Brendan will in still confidence
    And he can only get better.Shocking any fan booing
    One of our own,bet you the “fans”who booed THE
    BUNNET Feel brilliant,but they will deny doing it
    Now,YNWA EFE

  26. it is redicioulous how people boo one of our own players but i dont remember will garner waye biggins etc getting booed and people do have short memories in the opinion of quiet a few he did have a good game away from home in Europe last Wed so get off his back and give the guy a break hail hail


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