The biggest breaking story of deadline day SO FAR for Celtic is that Alan Stubbs has contacted Celtic about the availability of Efe Ambrose.

The former Hibs manager and current Rotherham manager is looking to bulk up his defence and believes he can get the best out of Efe.

The Nigerian joined Celtic four years ago to this very day, is he about to leave the club?

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated via the site and our social media feeds.




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  1. Hi my name is Michael and I am a Celtic supporter and have been all my life
    I would love to c efe Ambrose go to Allan Stubs now at Rotherham I would be great if I could be kept up to date on to see if he goes or whatever happens thank you.

  2. I was reading about efe Ambrose and it said that Allan Stubs is interested in him, honestly I would love to see him go because to tell the Truth Ambrose has never done good with Celtic he has cost us more goals than we have scored so I just hope that big Stubs will take him you never know he might end up playing great for him.

    • Am from Africa and am celtic fan here I love celtic with my life but I hate when I hear or see someone talk about our present or past players like this or treat them with no respect like the you doing here. He is a good player and he has done well befor our club here celtic please mind the way we talk here about our players.


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