NEIL LENNON has confirmed that some of his players are back at Lennoxtown and training by themselves during the shutdown.

Some of the bhoys have made the decision to head home to their countries and families while the worst of this pandemic hits. Others who live in Scotland or who have chosen to stay near the club are training when they can.

The Lennoxtown corridors have been quiet since the Glasgow Derby was cancelled.

Right now, the lads are trying to stay as fit as they can until they can get back onto the field.

The Celtic boss can’t get them out on the grass and they’re focusing on gym work

“At the minute, we are trying to find ways of keeping the players stimulated and occupied. We’ve opened the training ground and they come in ones and twos and train out on the grass.” Lennon told RecordSport.

“It’s a closed off area. We’d five in today [Monday] and we’ll have eight in tomorrow [Tuesday], but in groups of two.

“We’re not allowed out on the grass with them and they are, basically, doing their own thing.

“We’re in constant contact with them in terms of how they cope with this.”

Celtic fans are desperate to see their team back in action. Everyone’s lives or on hold while we all do our bit to try and protect each other from this horrible pandemic.

There’s no guarantee when football will be back. When it does finally re-emerge you are likely to see a galvanised football community desperate to go see their side play.


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