If you follow us regularly you will know we love a good stat and when we found out this particular one well we just HAD to share it.

It’s no secret that the gulf in class between Celtic and The Rangers is enormous but this particular stat bring it home how woeful the Ibrox side have really been this season.

Let that sink in as you mind the gap.

Oh and if you’d like to know how many corners Celtic had it was 36!


  1. When will Sevco realise They are Not Oldco.That Clubs dead and Well Gone.Sevco has to write its own History.Doesnt take a Rocket Scientist to know Charles Greene bought some Assets that were Left after Oldco was Liquidated.All you hear from the Cretins is Absolutely Diabolical.We Urni Deed So Wurno.A couple of Division Wins and The Petrified Cup.Considering theyre Five Years Old.I,d say They have Done Quite Well.But Stating They Will Win The Premier.Celtic have left them Well and Truly Humiliated and Its Going To Be More Of The Same.Suck It Up Silly Stupid Sevco Zombified Idiots.HWGTIR

  2. After Witnessing The BS at iBrox at the weekend,I find it appalling how any True Rangers Supporter can honestly say Celtic Players Goaded Them.What about when Rangers beat Celtic and done The Huddle.These people are that short sighted they cant see past anything Red White and Blue.They are an Absolute Embarrassment to our Country let Alone Our Football.Thats something Rangers are Truly lacking.Is a Team With With A Backbone.Eck the Brassneck McLeish saying Rangers need to by Hook or by Crook Stop Celtic Getting Ten In A Row.Well look What Happened To Oldco Equaling Celtics Nine In A Row.What an Utter loada Mince These So Called Real RainJurZzz Men Spout.Theyre Nothing More Than Blatant Cheats Criminals and LIARS!!WITH AN UGLY OBSESSION WITH EVERYTHING C~E~L~T~I~C.The Rebels Have Won.The Trebles Ours.HH GGAW COYBIG!!GIRUTDOB!!!

  3. GoinFor55???Craig Whyte Splashed a Brand New Shiny £1 Coin.So im guessing 55pence in todays financial Climate is Expecting a bit much.It most definitely isnt Titles as The Sevco Globe Trotters are Only 5 Years Old.The 5 Stars on that Ghastly Jersey represents One For Each Year of There Cretinous Existance.The Utter BS the Media Spout regarding Old Firm!!!The Old Firm Died in 2012 Along with Oldco Rangers.Its an absolutely brand new club over Govan Way.Donald Findlay should know and he stated,They (Sevco) have to make there own History.But Do Carry On with The Delusional Nonsense.The Circus Act,i mean The Tribute Act Talk A Good Game.No Money No Decent Players No History No fcking Luck.Celtics biggest Rivals in Glasgow are Partick Thistle.Will you see Celtic gubbing Thistle by 5????


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