AMATEUR FOOTBALLER and Ibrox fan Kurtis Roberts has embarrassed himself by posting one of the most deluded and incredible tweets you’re likely to see.

Watching the Scotland game from his couch the 24-year-old declared Oliver Burke one of the worst footballers he’s ever seen!

Yes, the 24-year-old Queens Park player had a go at Burke during Scotland’s woeful performance where no players got pass marks in a performance which will surely go down in history as one of the worst for Scotland.

Kurtis has obvious motives for bashing a Celtic player and brands him the worst football he’s seen with absolutely no self-awareness.

Let’s compare the two remembering Kurtis is three years older than Oli.

Kurtis Roberts
Age: 24
Height: 5ft10
Senior Appearances: 38
Goals: 5I
International Caps: 0
Transfer Fees: £0

Oliver Burke
Age: 21
Height: 6ft1Senior
Appearances: 92
Goals: 11
International Caps: 6
Transfer Fees: £28m

Deary me, maybe Kurtis will be a late bloomer and get a call up to the national team one day.


  1. If your stats are correct, that is a phenomenal goal scoring record (38 apps 51 goals). With goal scoring like that he should be playing at a higher level , and can say whatever the fuck he likes 😉


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