Sky Sports pundit and former Celtic player, Davie Provan believes that linked manager Eddie Howe is not worth the hassle and insists that majority shareholder Dermot Desmond should move forward in his search for the new permanent manager of the club.

Writing in his weekly column for Sun Sport, Provan was strong in his beliefs of the club’s pursuit of Howe, claiming that the clubs hunt for the Englishman could end up ‘humiliating’ them with lots of speculation still surrounding the former Bournemouth boss.

“If I were Dermot Desmond, I’d have crossed Eddie Howe off my wish list by now. After fantasy talk of Rafa Benitez and Roberto Martinez, Celtic have been left chasing the former Bournemouth coach.

“The pursuit of over-hyped Howe has become embarrassing. Out of work for nine months since the Cherries’ relegation, this shouldn’t have been a complicated appointment. Particularly when we’re told the persuasive Desmond has met with Howe.

“Instead, it’s becoming a saga that could end up humiliating Celts. Howe was supposed to be a done deal with his backroom team already picked and ready to join him in Glasgow. Instead, the ticking of the clock gets louder.

“How silly will Celts look if Howe knocks them back now? I wouldn’t be giving him the chance — he’s had enough time to make a decision.

“Supposedly one of the game’s deep thinkers, I’d imagine Howe has done his homework on Celts and Scottish football. And his buddy Brendan Rodgers would have marked his card. You can bet Rodgers emphasised the upside of Peter Lawwell’s imminent departure from the club. Unlike Neil Lennon, Howe would be allowed to pick his own coaching staff.

“The downside of the job is our Premiership. The Scottish game is viewed with contempt in England. But for a guy who’s never bossed in Europe, the Celtic job is a top gig. But just when Hoops punters expected to see Howe take his bow, his agent says: “There has been significant interest in Eddie from a number of clubs.

“Talks of any deal being close are premature. His plan is to not return to management until the summer at the earliest. Is Howe really that much of a catch? Is he using Celts as leverage to land another job in England?

“Bottom line is Celtic don’t have a day to waste if they’re to be ready for next season. And if Dominic McKay can quit Murrayfield early to start work, why not jobless Howe?”

Despite being very strong in his claims surrounding the 43-year old manager, I don’t think a lot of things are as simple as Provan makes out.

Of course, Howe is a manager who has been out of work for almost a year now but that it is out of his choice to take a year out of the game and come back when the timing is right.

The timing on this deal hasn’t been ideal with so many rumours and speculation floating about. Realistically, the only people who truly know what is going on is those involved. So, if talks take longer than usual due to some other details, then so be it.

It is crucial that this appointment is the right one for the club to take us forward as we look to bounce back from what has been a pretty disastrous campaign.


  1. Actually think Provan is spot on here. If Howe is the chosen one, I would be delighted but the way its dragging on suggests he’s not as keen to come as Celtic as Celtic are to have HIM. Should be straight forward, he’s not in a job so should have been appponted months ago. This is looking embarrassing now


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