The Scotland squad has been announced and for some there’s one glaring omission from Steve Clarke’s side – Anthony Ralston.

The Celtic defender has made a big impact this season at Parkhead and has proved a lot of people wrong, but when it comes to the international stage, the right back has been overlooked for a third time.

For some Celtic fans, they’ll by happy that one Celtic player won’t be overstretched over the international break. For Ralston himself, he’ll be wondering what he has to do to get a call up.

These fans can’t believe the snub:

Scotland look likely to get a playoff spot. Bringing Ralston into the squad, even just to bond with the team could have been a positive move by the manager.

It looks like at this point, there will be no change of heart for Clarke when it comes to Anthony. Hopefully, he can continue to prove people wrong playing in the hoops.


  1. The fewer Celtic players in the squad,the better.We need everyone fit and up for the Title challenge…..Congratulations to Anthony on his new contract…you will feel more settled and keep up your improving performances…

  2. I honestly wouldn’t want to play for Scotland under the current and recent set-up.
    There is no questgat Clarke is not selecting the full list of players. He is told which clubs to look at and which players to cherry-pick from them.
    The selection process has less to do with performance and ability than who you play and don’t play your weekly game for.
    Clarke has become yet another “yes-man” for the SFA.


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