SKY SPORTS again show their inept nature or just lack of caring when it comes to the finer details in Scottish Football.

The broadcaster is regularly ridiculed for their half baked programming and uninformed take on the news north of the border.

From reporting Aberdeen had signed ‘Yerda Sellzavon’ because they seen it on a wind-up Dons feed to selling Nir Bitton to FC Midtjylland without anyone knowing – they rarely cover themselves in glory.

This time they’re telling their readers and viewers Celtic have signed Andrew Gutman from Chicago Fire when it’s just not the case.

For anybody confused by their headline which they STILL haven’t changed after 24 hours and many people pointing it out to them on social media; Gutman was part of the Fire Academy but had since gone to Indiana to play his football

The defender was eligible to sign with the MLS side on a homegrown contract but opted not to sign a deal with Fire and head to Scotland instead. It might seem minor, but it just adds to the catalogue of nonsense from Sky Sports.



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