CHRIS SUTTON has called out any ex-Celtic star who is afraid to criticise the club for fear of fan backlash.

We don’t always agree with what Chris says BUT the BT Pundit has built a reputation of calling it as HE sees it. When he gives an opinion, it’s not to suit anyone else, it’s genuinely his opinion and when we disagree with the big man, he’s obviously wrong! But he has earned the respect of most fans.

However, Sutton believes there are ex-Celts who will not pipe up and criticise the club.

Speaking to Football Scotland, the former Celtic frontman said:

“I’ve had negative feedback, but I think most of them know that I’m fair. I think I am.

“I’ve been through the hard times.

“I played for Celtic for five-and-a-half years, and I was critical of Ronny Deila and what was happening there, and I didn’t like going to games.

“Fans who used to sing my name were giving it to me tight. Do I like it? No, but then you end up lying to yourself.

“There’s a lot of people out there who have an affiliation with this club who are scared to say stuff against them and we’ve seen plenty of that recently.

“What do I think? I think it’s a little bit embarrassing if you’re scared.”

Chris must not pay attention to some of the Ex-Celts in the media if that’s his overwhelming opinion. Guys like Charlie Nicholas and Andy Walker go out there way at times to criticise the club. Celtic are either winning too easily and that’s their fault or they’re not winning easily enough and that’s also their fault.

This is one of the times when we disagree with Chris, there are not enough former players championing the club at points.


  1. Who exactly is scared, Chris? Pat Bonner? Kris Commons? Charlie Nicholas?? Gordon Strachan? Peter Grant?
    Not one of them has had anything nice to say about Celtic since they left, in fact they make a living out of bottom feeding like the rest of the SMSM.
    Get a griup Chris, you should be asking why no ex-Celtic player is actually standing up for the club despite the obvious bias- of which you were very well aware of, and on the receiving end of….point the finger of blame at yourself Chris


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