CELTIC went down to a much better side last night but there’s one crazy stat that has to be highlighted as the club look to ‘learn’ from their latest away day woes.

There’s no doubt about it, the team as a whole were not good enough in the second half to deserve anything from the game.

The bhoys ball retention was shocking, they looked scared and didn’t know what to do when they were constantly pressed.

We were frustrating the home side though and the longer we did so the more likely Celtic could have snatched a result.

With that in mind, the failure at the first goal is crucial. Lustig not being able to stop a simple cross while Hendry’s half-hearted attempt to stop the shot left many Celtic fans perplexed.

People say you get what you pay for and that’s what happens when you sign a guy from Dundee for £1.5million.

However, that argument doesn’t fly when you take a look at who lined up for Salzburg in defence and how much their back four cost.

NONE of them cost more than Jack Hendry

Stefan Lainer Right Back £180k

Andre Ramalho Centre back £720k

Marin Pongracic Centre back 900k

Andreas Ulmer Left Back 540k

This should be cause for much embarrassment as well as give Celtic hope. If the club looks in the right places they don’t have to spend big to have a solid foundation.

Add to that, Barca Bhoys candour on Twitter about Salzburg’s scouting paying dividends and it paints a bleak picture.

It’s looking in the right places which is the biggest problem for Celtic.

This Salzburg side got to the Europa League semi-final last year and were unlucky not to get to the final.

It can be done and Celtic should be looking at Salzburg’s model.


    • Again !!!!
      The c.nt is gutless.
      Celtic need players with guts determination and pride.
      That will breed a mentality.
      Not mentally inferior players, before a balls kicked.

  1. What I dont get, is why don’t the whole team just watch and learn from the existing Lisbon Lion’s. They collectively cost little too. St Brendan TALKS a whole lot about them and I know its over Sixtyfive years since they were originally formed. Either that or kick them present cun7s all up the arse, and make them fight for the right to don the Hoops wae pride. I know I do, as well as all the other blokes and wimmin on the terracing. That have graced Paradise’s great supports over the years. Sure it hurts like fuc& to see a couple of players knocking their pans out and trying to drag the rest along for the love of the Hoops. But everybody has to share the burden of being pish in Europe.


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