Steven Gerrard has gone from thrown his own players under the bus to thrown himself unknowingly under the bus. Unfortunately for Gerrard, he is sticking his neck out when he tries to talk down Celtic fans or Celtic players. They are a bit too bright for his negative comments and will always have a comeback.

Already this week Gerrard has made himself look a bit daft after he failed to work out what the “lion’s den” metaphor was all about. The hapless manager said fans don’t win games players do. Cue Celtic fans with video footage of Gerrard a few years before describing Celtic Park as a place that can cause visiting players to go a goal down because of the noise.

He didn’t learn his lesson though, today he blamed 3 of his player’s suspensions (2 giving, 1 pending) on Scott Brown laughing at his players. Cue Celtic fans with video footage on what Slippy really thinks of Scott Brown.


  1. The wee Govanite sh1te halliday wants a box of tissues off boy Gerrard. He thinks he’s a wee tough ticket does Halliday, but he’s just a wean, greeting and wanting his hand held by the vanarama boss of his.
    Now Frankenstein Kent wants a seeing to. Never lift your hands ya muppet,
    3 game ban coming sonny boy, now you away into your box ya Munster!


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