NEIL LENNON admitted it got emotional when the UK took part in a minutes applause for the UK NHS staff.

On Thursday night, a lot of the population on lockdown opened their doors and windows and applauded the efforts of the NHS staff.

The Celtic boss is like the rest of us right now, in his house, and isolating in the hope we can beat this pandemic in the coming weeks and months.

Speaking about the applause for the NHS, the Celtic manager admitted it was emotional.

“We were at the window applauding and my neighbour downstairs was banging on a SAUCEPAN. It was quite emotional.

“I suppose it’s some sort of way of showing thanks for the amazing work these people are doing for us.

“This is life we’re talking about, not sport. It’s above everything else. As you get older, you try and strike a balance.

“This is unprecedented. It’s surreal.

“We have to follow the government guidelines and football takes a back seat in terms of what is going on just now.”

There’s nobody unaffected by this current situation and we all must do our part to get through it.

Neil Lennon knows football plays second fiddle to what’s going on elsewhere.

With the players scattered across the world until further notice, it might be a while before we see Celtic in action but when the day comes, I think we’ll all have a profound appreciation for the things we used to take for granted.



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