The narrative always changes because it has too if you are to retain any hope.

That’s the reality if you support a club emanating from Ibrox nowadays.

Jumping from one bandwagon to the next in search of the ultimate goal of stopping ten in a row. It was happening last season, it’s happened three or four times already this season and now..definitely next year.

The wishful thinking punditry which has engulfed Scottish Football since 2012 is nauseating to the extreme but it has made for some great reading through the banter years.

Former Gers player and now retired footballer Alan Hutton is trying to earn a crust as a pundit and well his take on what’s going on is pretty delicious. The former player said he believed the hype of stopping nine in a row but now it looks to have passed Steven Gerrard by.

Ultimately though, when he was asked if The Rangers would stop ten in a row he replied with a short “Yes” as Alan spoke to SunSport.

He went on to almost eulogise the Ibrox club’s current title tilt.

“Although Rangers have a game in hand at the moment and still have to play Celtic twice it is still a massive ask.

“The only thing is that before the winter break Rangers put on one of the performances of a long, long time at Celtic Park.

“I bought into it, and thought this is it. I thought they were going to win it.

“Everything was on a high but it just shows you how good Celtic can be.”

No real notion as to how they will stop Celtic, just an assured “Yes” because believing the alternative would lose so many staunch points, it’s not worth doing.


  1. There’s a production line where these EBT refugees can take shelter within any of the tv and/or radio football programmes and spout their blue propaganda while blatantly being paid to diminish anything Celtic related.


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