CHRIS SUTTON has mulled over what could happen to football and in-particular the transfer window when football does eventually return.

The BT pundit predicts chaos as the governing bodies and clubs try to make sense of everything.

However, Chris believes this could ultimately be a good thing for Celtic when it comes to holding onto Odsonne Edouard this year. The former Celtic striker believes the uncertainty, as well as even the biggest clubs having to tighten their belts at the moment, could mean the Edouard sticks around for a good while yet.

Writing in his RecordSport column, Sutton said:

‘You can’t rule out that no football will be played again in this calendar year.

‘How can you? You can’t say anything for sure at the moment.

‘And that’s the thing. On one hand, the potential extension to the transfer window does initially seem as though it is going to keep exit doors open to players for a lot longer than we might have expected.

‘Yet the other side of the coin is there is a very good chance of utter chaos and confusion clouding the transfer market and making it a whole lot easier just to sit tight for a spell and wait for the summer of 2021.

‘Which, in the case of Edouard, would spell some encouraging news for Celtic fans hoping he hangs around to try to make history when the time eventually comes.’

Right now, it’s all about looking at the possible scenarios for a return and how it will be implemented. Contracts will expire over the summer with football unlikely to have resumed by that point.

Celtic still have the player under contract for two years but if they want to make sure they can get decent money for the Frenchman when he does move on, a new deal sooner rather than later would be a wise move.


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