BRENDAN RODGERS is in the midst of his first real test as Celtic boss.

With so much success so far it ensures one thing – the idiots come out the woodwork to try and disparage, belittle and ultimately try and push him out the door.

If there was even a hint of dissent in the ranks last season it was pounced upon and used as ammunition for why Celtic would falter and why Brendan should maybe go. Remember, we had a scenario when Gers fans were celebrating drawing us in the Scottish Cup, such was the hyperbole.

So when Celtic are currently going through a bad spell – all of their own making, from poor recruitment, investment and bad squad management, we find ourselves in a position where everyone and their uncle can have a go. We even have Kris Boyd telling us our players don’t want to be there, based on nothing more than wishful thinking but it intensifies the narrative.

For the first time under Brendan Rodgers, there are real questions to answer and the Celtic fans are not blind to that fact.

We need to see an improvement there is no doubt about it.

However, people are using this sort of opportunity to push Brendan Rodgers out of the club. For some, it’s wishful thinking, for others it’s ignorance.

In the case of Ian Wright, it has to be ignorance.

“I’m not sure what more, with all due respect to Celtic, he can do there now.

“If he was linked away and he came out and said ‘I feel I’ve taken them as far as I can, I’ve got two trebles’, he could probably use that to say he wants a new challenge.

“You could see that happening and, no matter what you say, he can get teams playing well. He would be sought after.”

One thing Ian Wright does give Brendan Rodgers with his comments is respect and kudos for what he’s done and can do.

What he doesn’t take into account is the pride he takes in his work and the joy he has had as the Celtic manager.

Rodgers wants to leave a lasting legacy and that does not come with leaving at the first real time of trouble.

Remember folks, we might be in the midst of a ‘crisis’ as they say but we’re only one point behind the highest flying, best ever team to come out of Ibrox (Groan). We are six points behind a resurgent Hearts – everything is retrievable and nothing is lost and our manager knows this.


  1. Do they really think BR would walk out,can you imagine the headlines,Gerrard chases Rogers out of Celtic,that’s is probably what they are all wishing, dream on muppets,won’t happen, this scenario is a challenge to all ,been successful,but a new challenge now shows it’s face, BR will be up for this ,like in any job ,a prob arises,you buckle down and get it sorted,not walk away,BR won’t want a failure on his cv.,hh

  2. No BR will not walk away,we may not win everything this season but lets get this show on the road before we have lost everything,any player in the Squad that is not wanting to be here then send them home and they can play in the Reserve Squad games and put them up for sale,then we buy in new players that want to be in the first team Squad,lets stop playing around with players that spit out the dummy send those players home and ditch them in the Reserve Squad they are acting like silly boys not true pros.
    Now BR better take control of the dressing room and split up the players that want to play week in week out and ditch the players that want to go and play some where else get them out of the dressing room now, and then buy the players we need this week not next week and bring them in NOW no more kiss and make up if players want out then let them go in January window but never let them back in the first team dressing room again,BR has to have a good talk with all the players and then sort it out now.

    • Agree Jackie,personally I could not give a hoot re treble treble, all paper talk,and some of our fans getting carried away,the title is the most important one!!!!!the cups,would not care at this moment, you are right re some players, get them out if they are not 100% behind the club,Europe might be a distraction, but that is where the money is, compared to league/Scottish cup, but that is the clubs decision,hh

  3. We lost to Hearts and Kilmarnock last season – sure we need to spark into action this season – but IT WILL COME some team is going to get a battering and then we will be back better and stronger

  4. Why is Kris Boyd as a current player in SPFL allowed to make comments every week about Celtic. If he’s a pundit he should not be playing. Could you imagine if a Celtic player was making comments like that about another club…Typical of Sky and BBC…must have certain club on your CV

  5. Listen fellow Tims it’s like this our Great club WILL!Like every season since 2000/2001 aquire 80 to 90 points! No other team here will! The huns in the media frothing at the mouth!! Aberdeen been on better runs than hearts in last 4 years but not big deal made about it!! As for sevco! They beat couple of run the mill lower table sides like they did last season! Nothing new there at all! Only in “brigagoon” does this bs gather pace and we all know why! “Der hun”in the media and clowns like boyd who actually still “plays”with another club! Spout their pish sadly people like krisk commons talking shit and for some reason don’t get it! In hun land! CELTIC OUR GREAT CLUB IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THE MOTIVATION FOR THIS BEFORE MUST BE CHAPPING AT THE BIT NOW! ORC players talking about our results before they played and that “thingamy ” “halfwit rae on radio snyde! Aye I meant snyde! “Great weekend for scotish football “cause we got beat! NOW BROONY GET THE BHOYS TOGETHER AND GO HAMMER THE LOT OF THEM!! On a side note I definately believe the french clique is a problem at our club and as the coloured players and that group also includes izzy and gamboa are always together and appart from the grouo Always! That for me is not good! And we do need rid of players that don’t want to wear Our World famous iconic jersey! We are a unique club March them to to the pavillion to see “The Celtic story”There is nothing that compares to our Great club “Nothing! So get any imposters out! And let’s get this done! Hail Hail I have no doubts absolutely none! that we win the lot! Again!


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