Celtic have been linked with not one but two Premier League cast-offs today with the word ‘marquee’ being bandied about.

Sorry to be a wet blanket BUT if that’s what we consider marquee – we’re in big trouble.

Andy Carroll, an old-fashioned striker who could undoubtedly be a big player for Celtic if he wasn’t so injury prone. The fact that he has had 11 separate injuries since joining West Ham, many of them being longterm, to buy this player or bring him in on a free would be negligent by Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers is a level-headed manager and will know he would have to put down a significant amount of money to land Carroll in the hope he stayed fit for half a season at least. It just doesn’t seem feasible.

Then there is Bournemouth’s Jermain Defoe; a 36-year-old English striker who has not scored in the ten appearances he’s made for the club this season.

The arrogance of the English media to claim this would be a marquee for Celtic is astounding but expected.

The Sunday Post claims Celtic are thinking about making an ‘exception’ to their wage structure to bring one of the two forwards in.

Not a chance.

If either come to the club, it will not be because they have broken any wage structure.

Celtic are all about bringing in young, hungry talent who can improve the team and ultimately be sold on for a hefty profit.

Neither fit the mold and neither seems like Brendan Rodgers type signings.