The Times has run a story on how much English Premier League chief executives get paid inadvertently revealing that it’s our own Peter Lawwell who is the highest-paid chief executive in the UK.

The paper writes:

“Accounts registered at Companies House detail the overall payment to the 12 club directors — who include Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton — totalled £6.8 million for the year ending June 30 2019, a season when United finished sixth in the Premier League.

“Of that, Woodward earned £3.16 million as the highest-paid director. That is £1 million less than the previous year when a right to shares was activated to reflect his service to the club that he has worked for since the Glazer family’s takeover in 2005.”

In Celtic’s annual report it tells us what each director is making from the club and what Peter Lawwell made in the same period which is a staggering £3.5m.

Considering the club and Peter Lawwell in-particular refuse to pay anywhere near Premier League prices or even Championship fees for any onfield talent – it’s incredible to think his own wage eclipses that of the highest-paid chief executive down south.

Peter Lawwell runs the club with Dermot Desmond not really interested in the day to day running of the Scottish Champions.

The Celtic Chief Executive has overseen some healthy profits BUT he’s also overseen Celtic only making Champions League football FOUR out of the last ten seasons. The profits coming from selling our biggest assets such as Virgil van Dijk, Wanyama, Forster, Dembele and Tierney.

The chief executive making an outstanding living off punting our best talent while the top European football competition, for the most part, evades the club.

Lawwell will point to the domestic front for his record but considering what the club are paying for him – you would expect he’d be looking to ensure Champions League qualification.