BRENDAN RODGERS has had to field a lot of questions during his time about a Celtic regarding his future.

It seems every time a manager loses his job down south, heads immediately turn to the Celtic managers.

’You coming back down Brendan’, ‘Surely you’re done with all this Scottish football nonsense by now’ is stuff you will hear and read on a regular basis.

Fans of English football just can’t fathom the idea of someone of Rodgers’ class voluntarily staying in Scotland. It boggles their tiny minds.

Today the reports down south are Leicester are weighing up a move for the Celtic boss this summer.

Are they, aye?

Leicester are just a few seasons removed from Being a premier a league Championship but other than having a bucket load of cash they can’t give Brendan’s Rodgers the sort of job satisfaction he’s after at the moment.

The Celtic boss wants to make history; he wants ten in a row.

After that, the gaffer has admitted himself he’ll look at what’s next then.

He has never ruled out a move back to the Premier League at some point but money, right now, is not his biggest motivation although he’s still on a pretty penny as Celtic boss.

So Leicester can ‘weigh up’ what they like because this is how it feels to be Celtic, Champions again as you know…Brendan Rodgers is…ah you know the rest.


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