Former footballer and English pundit Danny Mills has branded Celtic’s actions ‘shameful’ for going public with their negotiations on Friday evening. (I know what you’re thinking, nobody asked).

Football Insider report Mills annoyance at Celtic’s actions on Friday evening when they broke from their traditional silent stance to telling fans his agent had put up a significant stumbling block.

The club posted a strong statement on Twitter letting fans know what was going on after news had already broken elsewhere about the transfer being in jeopardy.

“Celtic have used the media to discuss transfer negotiations and it’s totally wrong,” Mills told Football Insider. “Business should be conducted privately and behind closed doors.

“Don’t get me wrong, players do the same thing, via their agents, tipping off the media about interest from other clubs, to get better deals for themselves.

“Celtic have stirred things up to get their own fans on board, it’s a bit shameful, really, and Turnbull has been dropped into a situation he didn’t want to be in. It’s a very difficult situation for a 19-year-old.”

Peter Lawwell basically took control of the story by putting declaring exactly what the state of play was. Celtic fans were split over the clubs reasoning for doing so and if it was the right thing to do but I think most supporters will find Mills’ critique of the situation rather bizarre.

To use the word ‘shameful’ for Celtic’s stance is demonstrably ridiculous.


  1. If Turnbull’s in a difficult situation he has only himself and his agent to blame. Good luck finding a better offer.

  2. I don’t think it is in the least shameful. On the one hand he says agents and players do it all the time to gain better deals so Celtic have covered their own bases by informing the fans. It also sends out a clear message that Celtic will not be held to ransom by players or their agents. Turnbull is big enough to know what an opportunity playing for Celtic would have been instead of playing stupid games with his agent. He will regret his actions in the long run. Celtic have been stung in the past by agents so it is good to see them standing their ground. Turnbull could have been a good acquisition for Celtic but now we will never know.


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