Controversial presenter Simon Jordan has called Eddie Howe a “coward” after negotiations fell through between Celtic and Eddie Howe after he could not get his desired backroom team to relocate.

Speaking to TalkSport, Jordan said:

“I think Eddie Howe should have ran up there and he is a coward for not doing it.

“I think he’s a coward, I think it’s a huge job.”

Eddie Howe should have been jumping at the chance of managing Celtic, but he wasn’t, he was putting off as much time as he could before he made a final decision. Not coming to Celtic because he couldn’t get his first choice backroom team does signal he may not have been confident in his own abilities.

The former Crystal Palace owner does keep his views on Scottish football a secret, he talks down the league at almost any opportunity. Although, speaking this morning Jordan emphasised the size of Celtic.

No sooner had he talked the Glasgow side up, he brought the club back down by explaining to listeners the Parkhead side will no longer be able to attract Premier League managers

“I think if Celtic could get Sean Dyche, they should have bitten his arm off at the shoulder.

“But I don’t think they could get Sean Dyche, I don’t think the economics of Scottish football would enable them to pay Sean Dyche’s wages.”

I agree with him, Celtic can not compete with teams south of the border financially and in today’s game managers go wherever the most money is.

Celtic is seen as a stepping stone by many, players will come to play at Celtic, get scouted, and transfer down to England – it is a sad reality of the Scottish game. Even managers do the same.


  1. I said it when the deal fell through, the more he thought and looked into it he realised how big the club and job was and was far to big for him.


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