CHRIS SUTTON was quick to put a disgruntled Jambo’s fan in his place after the fan messaged him about Kyle Lafferty’s suspension.

Lafferty was sent off by referee John Beaton for a late challenge on Dons captain Graeme Shinnie on 30 December. He will now face sitting out the next two games, one which includes the Edinburgh Derby.

It seems Gary may have got an adequate retort if he was a bit more polite.

Chris is always good for a laugh on twitter


  1. Bg Chris what a man,Just tells it how he sees it,Even Celtic get it when its Due.More often than not,He is correct.But there are Certain elements from Certain Clubs that Hate the Bg Chap.Simply because most if not All cant handle the Truth.Even though he is Spit On!!!! HH

  2. Chris keeping it real as Always.If he has anything to say regarding anyone of any club,Chris tells it how he sees it.Great Pundit But i cant help to notice there are one or two certain Clubs supporters that detest the Big Guy.Simply because he played for Celtic.And They simply dont know how to conduct themselves when faced with Facts.And they retort to slandering the Guy.Atleast Big Chris isnt a Cheerleader or a Puppet like some folk that blatantly refused to reveal what was really really going on with some (Clubs)…That they have a Penchant for defending,No Matter What !!!Keep Up The Good Work Chris,The Reactions You Seek reveal the Idiots almost on a Daily Basis….

  3. Chris a true legend on the park and are a great pundit on BT sports off the park, I cannot afford to go to Celtic games on a regular basis anymore, I used to attend home and away so I always enjoy your commentary of Celtic games, where you dont hold back in your condemnation on the bhoys, if and when its required, unlike DJ you are not a charlatan nor a cheerleader, as he must be the most bigoted presenter on the media circuit. and somehow gets away with it…


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