A lot of Celtic Fans have reached the end of their tether with the club’s negotiations with Hibs.

Celtic have had two confirmed and one unconfirmed bid for Hibs midfielder John McGinn – the latest reported to be around £2million.

It’s thought Hibs are holding out for £4million. Hibs seems content with potentially letting John go for nothing next summer to either get top dollar for him now or have him stay a Hibs player for one more year to help the club progress.

There’s no denying most Celtic fans would like to see John at Celtic Park in the hoops but pressing issues in other positions seems to be the driving force behind some wanting Celtic to pull the plug on Hibs and wait until January.


  1. Forget McGinn as we have plenty of midfielders, some grossly underused. Time to get the finger out and get some quality in the defence. BR has now had five transfer windows and the defence has still not been sorted out. We will be lucky to get through the qualifiers as experienced attackers will tear our shaky defence to shreds.

  2. Midfield is not our priority it’s defence we need bolstered. I just can’t understand some so called Celtic fans yelping “Come on Celtic give Hibs the money” They haven’t a clue. McGinn can wait.

  3. Let Petrie suffer by waiting till January and sign a pre-contract.

    We need to strengthen in other positions not midfield, central defence and cover for RB and LB.

    If we don’t want the embarrassment of being ejected from CL, Celtic need the cash to make sure we can sign half decent players.

  4. Surely we have other targets. This saga is deflecting away from having a very disappointing scouting system. We never seem to be settled before any Champions league game. Get it sorted!

  5. I can’t believe some of the comments criticising Celtic for failing to reach a deal to sign John McGinn. If we have indeed already offered £2.0 Million, I would say we have already gone way beyond true value given his contractual situation. In my view, John would struggle to get into our team right now and is more likely a Broony replacement the season after next. I really hope we wait until Jan and sign him under freedom of contract for next season. I also think this would be no more than Petrie deserves for his previous.

  6. Get the defender situation sorted out first. We could filed an entire first team with the number of mid fielders we have right now.


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