It seems everytime you hear noise from down south it’s of someone berating our league, or our accomplishments within the league. However, every time one of their clubs loses a manager they all seem to want one man – Brendan Rodgers.

The man who is yet to be beaten domestically as Celtic manager, won a treble and is on course for another trophy at the end of this month is in high demand.

West Ham are now looking for another manager and guess who the majority want to replace him. Brendan was a revelation at Liverpool and came ridiculously close to winning the Premier League, had it not been for a Stevie Gerrard slip. The Liverpool managers that have come after the Irishman have proven how much a poisoned chalice that job really is and how well he had them playing.

It’s easy to see why English Premier League club supporters get caught up in their own press, the hyperbolic nature of the beast down there sees them brag about how much they’ve spent on a mediocre talent on a regular basis. So detached from reality or any other league around them, they can’t see past some of the fundamental flaws in their game.

West Ham fans can hope and wish for a manager of Brendan’s ilk but in reality, they will need to bring in another mediocre face and pay him over the odds to steady the ship for a season or two before they get sacked and the merry go round continues.

There’s absolutely no chance of them landing Brendan Rodgers.




  1. Brendan is a Bhoy at Heart.Only a couple of Clubs down in Engerlundt can muster Support like Celtic,In numbers But The Celtic Symphony is in a League of its Own.There is No other Club Like Glasgow Celtic.HH Brendan is Here for 10 In A Row….63 and Counting

  2. It will be interesting when the offer comes in from Arsenal or Chelsea? This might tempt Brendan. he is not going to a nothing relegation fodder club like West Ham. Rodgers needs to be in the CL. According to rumours Conte is not happy at Chelsea and with his connections with them I could see him being interested in that job. Hopefully not. According to Alan Brazil, who appears to be a half-wit, West Ham could offer to treble Brendan’s wages. this would mean paying him about 7 mil a season. Rodgers does not seem primarily motivated by money and earning 2-2.5 million with Celtic is hardly chicken feed. Hopefully, Brendan rejects them all. It is not that good any way. most games are boring and about 15 teams play for a draw every week. Tedious in the extreme, all they talk about is how much money they spend.

  3. So much for Our Mickey Mouse League.KT on Man U and Spurs and Arsenals radar.Dembele blah blah blah and Now Brendan,FFS…There is no other Club like Celtic.They dont want us down there,We’d take it by storm.If we had that money to get players.Hopefully Brendan tells them were to put there Interest…


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