While we pick over the bones of what could have been last night we must try and move past the disappointment and look to the future. For better or worse we will now be in the Europa League Draw this Friday in Monaco.


While the line-up is not fully confirmed with games going on tonight and Thursday to determine all participants there is some very notable names in this competition already and a few juicy ties Celtic could sink their teeth into.

There is a potential battle of Britain ties with Tottenham or Liverpool in the draw. A double header against Premiership opposition could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The draw will take place Friday, 12pm CPT.

Here is the Europa League Explained.

The 48 entrants are split into four seeding pots based on their club coefficients, with each of the 12 groups containing one team from each tier.

Automatic entrants
ESP: Villarreal
ENG: Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur
GER: Augsburg, Schalke
ITA: Fiorentina, Napoli
POR: Braga
FRA: Marseille
RUS: Lokomotiv Moskva
NED: Groningen
UKR: Dnipro
BEL: Anderlecht
TUR: Beşiktaş
GRE: Asteras
SUI: Sion

UEFA Champions League play-off losers
ALB: Skënderbeu
SCO: Celtic
SUI: Basel
AUT: Rapid Wien
FRA: Monaco

  • The 22 play-off winners, the ten losing teams from the UEFA Champions League play-offs and the 16 sides entering at this stage make up the 48 clubs that go into the group stage draw at the Grimaldi Forum.
  • No team can play a club from their own association with the exact draw procedure confirmed before the ceremony.
  • Matches will be held on 17 September, 1 and 22 October, 5 and 26 November, and 10 December.


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