Just before kick-off today the Green Brigade unfurled this banner directed at the Celtic Board and the news that they are set to hire Bernard Higgins as head of security.

The fan group have distributed information leaflets accusing Higgins of targeting Celtic fans by abusing his power. Higgins they say was personally responsible for a vindictive policing campaign that targeted the Celtic support and fans of all clubs.

Accused of routinely demonstrating disdain for football supporters, fan groups allege that he directed his police force to harass, intimidate and criminalise largely young, working-class football fans for close to ten years. 
It is important to point out that this is not just a Green Brigade protest. There are four other fans groups signed up to stop the board from making this appointment. Fans might be happy with what they are seeing on the park again but the war with the board is not over by a long shot.


  1. The GB hitting another home run here.

    Celtic Park would be giving the Emirates library a run for it’s money if it was not for them.

    It’s time the whole of the goal and both curves should be designated to the GB.

    The prawn sandwich bed wetters need to be slowly and surreptitiously removed from the club. Like Higgins, they have no place in Paradise

  2. I don’t agree with everything the Green Brigade do but they’re spot on here. The police under instruction from Higgins as ACC of police Scotland persecuted ordinary fans just going to the game. Some fans lost their families, livelihoods and homes over trumped up charges but most of all they received criminal records for doing nothing. I know of a few young guys who’s lives were ruined by the stupidity of the way OBFA was policed and Higgins has blood on his hands.


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