CHARLIE MULGREW joined Simon Ferry on his podcast ‘Keeping the ball on the ground’ and made a very surprising revelation about one of his former teammates.

During the podcast, the former Celtic utility man claimed the former enigmatic Greek striker Georgios Samaras used to reek of cigarettes during his time at Celtic.

The Blackburn star made the revelation as he talked all things football with the open goal sports podcaster.

“Big Sammy, he was a good guy but the smell of fags off him was frightening.

“I didn’t know it – somebody said, ‘Smell the fags off him’.

“So you’re looking for it…the smell of fags off the guy, honestly.

“I don’t know if he smoked or if he gelled his hair with Lambert and Butler.”

This will be surprising to many fans who watched Samaras use his pace back in the day. The player could run and the thought of him being any sort of a smoker wouldn’t have been on many peoples radar.

Samaras joined Celtic on loan from Manchester City under Gordon Strachan and made the move permanent shortly after. The attacker played under Strachan, Mowbray and Lennon during his time at the club and was successful in his own right.

He split the fans down the middle at times, with many not happy with his efforts on some match days. There was definitely a consensus that you could tell what kind of game the frontman was going to have in the first few minutes of a match.

For years, Paddy McCourt has been taking the heat for a 40 a day habit!


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