Another week, another article from Davie Provan proving the man has very little good to say about Celtic. With no recognition of where we’re at or how we’ve gone about our business the former Celtic star refuses to get carried away or excited by Celtic’s win against Lazio midweek because he thinks Celtic should be beating the Italian’s home and away.

Let that sink in.

If Celtic lost those two games against Lazio we’d have articles about how out of touch we are as a European force by the same man. Seeing as we won, Provan is shrugging his shoulders and saying – well you should have beat them.

The mans rhetoric speaks of an old bhoy who has not gotten with the times even though he still has a job in football. It’s like his opinion of Scottish football has been suspended in time.

“HAVING been around when Celtic and Rangers played European semi-finals on the same night in Glasgow, you’ll forgive me for not getting too excited by their midweek results.” Provan told SunSport.

“If the Old Firm are the giants they claim to be, making the last 32 of the Europa League should be well within their reach.”

Guys like Provan are more interested in their own bottom line than anything Celtic has to offer. A former player who would lambast us for not winning but then shrug his shoulders when we do.

It’s important Celtic fans continue to call this nonsense out when it crops up.


  1. Just an insignificant cunt so he is same as the so called supporters and media staff that never rated lenny as a manager he’s proved them all so so wrong but yet very few have came out to congratulate him on his success and admit they were in the wrong they will say oh its to early to judge him but is it he guided us to the treble treble under scrutiny we’ve already qualified for the last 32 which I don’t think anyone’s really said that it’s the way he’s qualified beat the favs twice and qualified with two games to spare which is unheard of in Scottish football in another cup final and still top but hey he’s not that good a manager is he ridonkulous rant over hail hail


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