ARTUR BORUC spoke to Mundial about his time at Celtic and he again brought up and confirmed an incident that still doesn’t sit well with us to this day.

The charismatic Polish star, known fondly by many Celtic fans as the ‘Holy Goalie’ recalled his second Glasgow Derby at Ibrox. Celtic had lost his first Derby at Parkhead, but now they were going over to Ibrox for some retribution. The goalkeeper recalls the noise, the furore and the passion of the day. Celtic won 1-0 and Artur remembers it well, but he also remembers the surreal moment Police ‘cautioned’ him for blessing himself before the game.

Let us say that again; he was cautioned for blessing himself before the game at Ibrox. Why? Because it could have caused a riot apparently.

Speaking to Mundial, the goalkeeper shakes the encounter with the Police off but it cannot be understated how shocking a decision this was.

“Later that season, we went back to Ibrox and won 1–0, after it, the police cautioned me for blessing myself in front of the Rangers fans. I didn’t realise before I came to Celtic that there was a religious aspect to the rivalry, I didn’t expect it. It was just a routine that I had which I did before every half, which turned out to be a very annoying thing for the Rangers fans. But I did enjoy the relationship I had with the Rangers fans, to be honest, it kind of makes you feel alive, makes you feel like the things you’re doing makes them go insane. I did enjoy that.

“Those kind of games brought out the best in me. You didn’t have anything to lose in a way. You don’t worry about anything, you just try to live in the moment and make the best saves you can, and that’s what was always good about it.”

This is the sort of nonsense that makes Scotland look horrible to the outside world. A guy, who blessed himself before every game was spoken to, under caution, NOT to do it in front of the Ibrox fan base.

Of course, Artur did do it again, because they had no legs to stand on if they took it any further with the goalkeeper. We can only hope someone at the club told the police where to stick their caution. To show we’re not joking about people being offended by crossing themselves before video phones were really prevalent, we had one guy at Ibrox record Artur blessing himself – with the crowd getting upset and the person recording thinking he had got ‘evidence’ he could take to the police. WOW.

The original “Whit’s the goalie, daein'”…He’s blessing himself.


    It doesn’t take much to annoy the muppets, I guess the treble treble will not bring them as much pain
    As they used to seeing the Famous Glasgow Celtic since 1888 winning everything now

  2. I remember an English Partick Thistle getting sent off against the real Rangers years ago. Everybody watching on TV was baffled at the player being ordered off for his first yellow card. Turns out the ref (McGilvray I think) had booked the player in the tunnel after he’d blessed himself leaving the pitch at half-time. Imagine this clown refereeing something like Brazil V Argentina – 22 bookings before a ball’s kicked? Hunbelievable! Best wee country in the world? Aye right!


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