FORMER Celtic frontman Pierre van Hooijdonk has declared Celtic can’t get any bigger as long as they sit where they are in the SPFL.

Yes, they are domestically dominant but Europe is becoming more and more of a stretch for the club as the rich clubs get richer and snap up all the young talent before Celtic can get to them.

Pierre spoke of the reality of the limitations Celtic have at the moment but he did make it clear the huge untapped potential this club would have if they were dropped into a more financially strong league.

The former towering striker believes Celtic would be a force to be reckoned with in a matter of four years when they can spend top money on top players.

The argument has always been; Celtic could not survive in England as they are and that’s absolutely correct but the people saying this conveniently leave out what could happen if the club were able to get their hands on the riches the EPL currently enjoy.

“They can still win the treble again. Of course in Europe, they are always looking for success, but they have one big problem.” Pierre told Record Sport.

“They are still part of the Scottish league and as long as they are, they can never become a bigger club.

“In all aspects, they are a club, if they go to the Championship in England to start, in four years time they will be playing for the Premier League title, because then they can afford to buy the best players.

“We are waiting for Celtic to win the 10-in-a-row, because that is the main target.”



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