In successive weeks we have had Charlie Nicholas and Andy Walker both contribute to what has been a very strange and speculative managerial saga at Celtic.

First we had Nicholas a week ago telling the world that the Celtic should appoint former Manchester United captain Roy Keane as Neil Lennon’s successor. A view that was met with a massive sigh from an expectant Celtic support. In fact when media outlets were reporting Keane was closing in on the Celtic hot-seat there was an online revolt. Yes, many of the fans LOVE a good moan but the very thought of Roy Keane taking over at Celtic was enough for even the quietest of accounts to chime in with a disapproving thought. This was not what many fans wanted to hear. Keane’s legendary football playing status is overshadowed by his temperament and managerial career to date. The massive sigh turned into a sigh of relief when news came out of Ireland that Keane told Celtic he did not wish to be considered for the job.

The media were scrambling and there was indeed a new favourite for the job almost everyday, if it wasn’t Keane it was Clarke or Coyle – oh or maybe it was Larsson. They were simply throwing darts in the dark.

Then yesterday came a name most Cetic fans admit they had never heard of till it crept onto their computer screen. Yes, within hours the most googled search in Glasgow changed from “KENNY MILLER LOL” to “Ronny Deila”. A man we know very little about apart from what the internet cares to tell us BUT this was outside the box thinking! This move by Celtic was met with cautious optimism, Celtic had freed from the shackles of the ‘usual suspects’ and gave us an alternative. A wave of positivity washed over social media, many not scared by the unknown but excited by it. Enter Andy Walker who called the move for the unknown Norwegian as an underwhelming move after the ‘box office’ pull of a Roy Keane. Totally ignoring the mood of the fans and not for the first time.

Yes, these men are asked for THEIR opinion but a lot of the time it comes across as they are trying to speak for the Celtic fans. Whether Andy is excited by the move for Deila is irrelevant, as the appointment moves closer there is again more optimism from the support.

On the face of it, we have done our homework and are about to appoint a young up and coming manager. There is definitely exciting times ahead. I just hope Ronny can do the business so Andy and Charlie will not pine after Roy.





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