A Celtic fan has torn into Brendan Rodgers in the correct manner by splicing a video of his Leicester press conference today with some added extras sprinkled in.

Tam Sellic Son is always on form with some of his videos on social media but this has to be one of his best as he dissects Rodgers comments with movie clips and quotes.

Brendan Rodgers has had a lot to say about his Celtic exit and he didn’t get the chance to dodge some hard questions with a large contingent of the Scottish media at his first Leicester presser.

He tried to explain the reasons behind why he left so suddently but the video sums it up perfectly. It was opportunism from a man who claimed to have a love for the club which wasn’t there to begin with.

After this press conference on Friday and the subsequent reports of it over the weekend, by Monday the Irishman will be in the rear view mirror as far as Celtic are concerned.



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