CELTIC FANS may not be getting defended by journalists in our own country but there is certainly support for them from Sweden and journalists who actually witnessed the events.

During the game, Celtic fans were attacked without warning by what can now be described as security staff rather than the police.

The condemnation from the Scottish papers has been outlandish and without merit. One chief football writer described it as a ‘dark day’ for Celtic.

Philip O’Connor, a journalist in Stockholm has defended the Celtic support and made it clear Sweden have a problem with excessive violence when it comes to security and the police:

“A friend of mine at the Friends Arena wrote this about @celticfc fans and the disturbance last night.” O’Connor revealed to SunSport.

“’I stood directly below them and was shocked when the batons came out.

“’The atmosphere seemed to be calm and escalated in one second when they didn’t even seem to warn with the batons in the air’.

“There’s is a serious problem with excessive violence and abuse of power by Swedish police and security guards, but as always, nothing will be done.”

You can check the videos out for yourself here. The videos clearly backing up what has been said by the Journo inside the ground. There was no threat of violence until security decided to start striking Celtic fans on the head with batons.

It’s shocking – the soup takers desperate to lump us in with the racist and sectarian bunch across the city who now have THREE charges to their name.


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