Until there’s an official announcement we’re going to have wild speculation on who is going to be the next Celtic manager. David Moyes to Gerry Adams (Yes, hes 500/1 on Paddy Power).

At this stage in the game, it’s Neil Lennon’s job to lose in many respects but until that decision has been taken then we will all speculate and debate the merits of potential candidates.

One name that has cropped up with many Celtic fans is the current FC Salzburg boss Marco Rose. The young manager’s team wiped the floor with Celtic in the Europa League; not dropping a single point in the process. His squad’s current wage budget is lower than Celtic’s however, Marco is getting the best out of his side with what he has.

It gives credence to the notion Celtic have the money to be more than cannon fodder in Europe, they’re just not spending their money wisely.

With that being said, Marco Rose is now the second favourite to take over from Brendan Rodgers on a full-time basis this summer. While this would go down well with a lot of the support, it does seem unlikely at this point even though the manager has gone from 28/1 to 5/1 in the betting.

The change in odds more likely down to money being placed by punters.


  1. David Moyes NO NO NO But Salzburg boss Marco Rose would be the best of the rest to give the job to,but the best one of all is Neil Lennon so who is keeping this talk up about a new manager he is already here tell them that our manager is here we are looking for no one else…..

    But what we must do is stop listening to media and bookies newspaper talk,we stay on the ball and try and bring home number 8 and maybe the Scottish Cup,then get the dead wood players out and send home the loan players give Lennon the war fund of £20 million to fill in a few holes then go for 10 lets stop the talk of a new manager we already have our manager here lets get behind him and let them all know he is our man.


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