Celtic have been linked with a move for J-League star Daizen Maeda. [The Times]

The 24-year-old currently plays for Ange Postecoglou’s side Yokohama Marino’s and has 18 goals in 30 league appearances, grabbing 3 assists.

As always, when we are linked with a player, we do our digging to find out if the deal is probable and would they fit in.

CeltsAreHere.com asked Japan Times Sports journalist Dan Orlowitz about the potential for Celtic to sign the second striker in January.

Dan has become a go-to guy for Celtic fan media ever since Ange made the move to Celtic with Kyogo following shortly after.

The journalist sees a scenario where Ange would’ve sounded out the striker but promising not to poach him until January:

“If you asked all of us who follow the J.League who Ange’s shopping list would include – and a lot of people did – Maeda would have been in everyone’s top 3 along with Furuhashi.

“He’s a stone cold killer, certainly fits the hard man Glaswegian aesthetic of being 24 but looking 40.

“Obviously his first stint in Europe didn’t quite work out [On loan to Maritimo] but he’s another “not if but when” player. Not at all surprised Ange would go for him, he’ll do great.

“I can see a scenario in which Ange agreed not to poach him until the winter

“That’s me hypothesizing but it’s not an unreasonable agreement, especially if they [Celtic] couldn’t have gotten the funds together”

Asked if Daizen and Kyogo could play together in the same side, Dan said: “Oh absolutely, Ange will get them in sync”

It’s an exciting prospect for Celtic fans. Ange really is our ace in the hole when it comes to players further afield. His knowledge of the J-League could be monumental to Celtic’s rebuild.

You can see the signs of a Celtic revival, but there’s always going to be teething problems through the process. The Celtic manager has been clear from the very beginning – stick with him and he’ll get the club where it needs to be.

Getting value for money and players who he understands and knows he can work with is only going to be positive. January could be a pivotal month in the Ange rebuild.


  1. Three words. Push, push, push. Anger is not for living on moonbeenz. He has a way to get his teams to gel, then compete. Get them in, get them playing, keeps the fans Happie. Gets him very nervous, that things might hit the fan again.

    The directors want that too, but as low a cost as possible.
    But then, for the starstruck supporters to open their wallets again.

    Someone may lose, see who blinks first.


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