ERIK SVIATCHENKO moved out on-loan to FC Midtjylland this week in a move that will see the defender get more game time than he has of late and reunite with fans and players in Denmark. caught up with Erik after his return home and the Dane gave us some great insight into his time at Celtic and why he’s moved on-loan.

There was interest from a few clubs down south but in the end, the player opted for FC Midtjylland.

Who broke the news to you about moving on from Celtic?

It’s very natural for players to seek a move elsewhere when they aren’t playing week in and out. And I thought that I needed to be doing that again so we spoke together, the club and I, and a mutual agreement was to get me some game time.

But I will be following the team closely as it’s important for me to see the team developing.

Do you believe you could still have a future at Celtic beyond the loan deal?

Time will only answer that but now it’s a full focus and dedication towards my current team FC Midtjylland. A club that is in a very good position to go and win the gold medal and I hope and believe that my experience will help the team.

You were brought in by Ronny Deila, how was it adapting to a managerial change and are there any big differences between Ronny and Brendan?

It was a very smooth transition and there were obviously natural differences but I adapted well and managed to play around 46 games from summer 2016 until December.

They are two good managers but with different styles of playing and coaching. Both of them suited me fine and I have the utmost respect for them both.

How excited are you to be back home with FC Midtjylland and do you see yourself there beyond this summer?

I am very happy and it’s a great feeling to be back helping the team I left two years ago.

I will do 100% the next 6 months and after that, we will see what happens. But now it’s all about one game at a time.

Has it been a frustrating time for you not playing and are you fit and ready to go for FC Midtjylland?

It’s always frustrating not to be playing and that’s why I made a decision to go on loan for the next period. Regular game time is crucial for my development and that’s what it’s important now.

I am fit and ready to play.

You joined Celtic two years ago this month, how has the experience met your expectations?

It has been a genuine honour to play so many games for the most engaged and passionate fans in the world. It’s not many players who can experience moments like that. The club has met my expectation from day one and especially from summer 2016, it became even better.

I had a dream to play in the Champions League and I managed to do that really well with my teammates.

I’ve become two years older and I’ve become two years more football experienced. Improved in many aspects of my game and that’s very fulfilling to me.


Your favourite personal Celtic moment?

I’ll never forget my first goal in my Celtic career and what’s a goal it was. The result and all wasn’t something to remember but to score such an important goal at the time in the game in one of the oldest and biggest games in football, that’s something to remember.
And of course, my champions league campaign and winning the treble as an invincible.

If you described Celtic to someone who had no idea what they were about, what would you say?

Intense and passionate. I would say traditions and culture, born and bread in one mind and that’s to support and love one club – Celtic.

One of my memories was when driving up to the stadium in my car and I would see thousands of people walking towards Paradise. All wearing the Hoops, all wearing something associated with Celtic. And there would be young and old, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. That was truly amazing to see.

That togetherness and then the people, in general, was always so kind and positive. I love that.


  1. I for one wish him well and hope he regains his match fitness, plays for his country and comes back to Celtic rejuvenated.
    HH Erik.


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