Celtic will take on Steven Gerrard’s men at Parkhead on the 31st March in the SPFL.

Tickets for these games are like gold dust, and only season ticket holders usually manage to get their hands on them with a small amount going on sale to the general public sometimes.

It’s a game that many football fans want to experience and every time a game comes up our inbox is filled with requests and people asking us advice on how to bag a ticket to the game. My own dealings with Celtic fans over the years when it comes to tickets is you never get charged above face value for the ticket and sometimes below face value.

However, we were tipped off to a ticket tout site a few days ago who are not only selling tickets to this sold out event – they are selling them for ridiculous amounts of money.

On investigation from one site, we saw 22 tickets available around the stadium and the prices varied from £375 to an eye-watering £550.

On another site, we saw ticket prices over £220.

The people in possession of these tickets are all in the home end raise questions about who has these and how they got a hold of them.

This ticket will cost you around £50 give or take at face value – for anyone to put these sort of prices up blatantly on a site is repugnant.

If people are buying tickets to put them on the secondary market then it keeps real fans out or exploits them for large sums of cash to get in and see the game.

We have not, and will not post the link to the sites we have investigated but we have handed the information over to Celtic.

We’d urge everyone not to pay these prices.


  1. The best thing to do here, for any decent supporter, is NOT to buy them.
    Leave them in the hands of the touts. Don’t encourage them in any way.
    Also, surely whoever bought these in the first place can be traced and passed them to touts canbe traced.

  2. The only time I have bought a ticket For any Celtic Vs Scotlands shame, was outside the Lisbon Lion’s end. Wasn’t a ticket it was two season cards (Paid £60) for both, that were to be passed on once inside to the guys mate. Phoned my Brother and my nephew. I took both tickets and gave them mine and the wifes (Lisbon Upper), as it was a cup semi (Beachball game). So four happy Tims, weaving at each other. Happy day.


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