MARVIN COMPPER has been critical of Celtic’s defending in Europe ahead of the club’s tie against his former side Leipzig.

The defender has declared himself fit and ready to go into Celtic’s first team and is puzzled as to why he isn’t getting a chance.

Compper has come in for over £1million and is on a pretty sizeable wage.

The player was initially brought to settle a young back line and add experience in the Celtic side.

However, after so many injuries and just one Scottish Cup appearance, the defender also revealed Celtic wanted to move him on in the summer but he refused.

Speaking about Celtic’s chances in Germany, Compper said Celtic would lose if they defend as they did against Salzburg.

Many are wondering why Compper hasn’t figured at all with the manager not giving any real insight into why he’s not using Marvin at all.

Obviously, the manager has his reasons but it may help Celtic fans to get some answers.


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